Both! Inside Out and Outside In

Where the core of our job is about getting inside the ‘consumer’ and getting their insights on to the outside, we feel it is also important to understand the outside - the wider cultural context - in which insights were formed and internalised, especially if our findings are to be actionable and effective in that context!

Anything You Want us to...

within reason: We often do take on pre-defined, ‘ready to go’ methodologies and approaches, especially for our international partner institutes and agency clients.

When working with end-clients we offer a more consultative role from the beginning; helping to define the questions, samples, methodologies and all aspects of the research process.

Whatever it Takes:

Although each project is unique they all have one thing in common: a deadline at which findings are to be delivered. The small is beautiful approach offers maximum flexibility and entails a ‘no fuss’ attitude that ensures quality findings are there when you need them.